How do I register my child for a team?

Check our tutorial:

I liked the old site, why did CHAP change the website?

With the growth of CHAP's sports offerings and the many registration forms that our families were required to complete, we felt that this new site could help everyone save a little time in registering for each team and season. Even more than that, this site will allow the team administrators to more accurately and efficiently manage all of the registrations and payments associated with each team. The automated payment reminders, installment pay feature and team roster generator will allow us to spend less time managing paper lists and ensure accurate billing and rosters.

This site must have been expensive, could the money have been used elsewhere?

There are a lot of administrative tasks that are required to offer as many programs that CHAP provides. We have used a number of "free" resources like Google Docs in the past but these require a lot of manual handling of data, updating of forms, tracking payments, generating rosters, etc. In other words, there are countless hours that go into managing all of this data. We did not want to get caught relying on the work of a few people and undocumented processes that could stop for any number of reasons. We needed a system that could work regardless of who was managing it.

We looked into a number of options including subscription based services that offered a lot more bells & whistles but would've been more expensive over time. We did not want to lose control or access to the data that was being stored on our website and we didn't want to incur high merchant fees for electronic payments.

We were blessed by two main resources. First, a generous donor offered to help underwrite the cost of the update and second, we received a significant discount from our Software Craftsman, Caleb Woods. For those of you who don't know Caleb, he is a CHAP alumni who played basketball & football before graduating in 2009. He created our previous website while in 10th grade and has an intimate understanding of CHAP's mission but more importantly understands the administrative functions and the many tasks that are required to run a unique and growing organization like CHAP. With that knowledge he was able to help us to build a web application that solves our administrative tasks more efficiently and provides a better user experience to our members. You can learn more about Caleb on his website

What is Dwolla?

CHAP has selected Dwolla to handle it's online payments. Dwolla is a payment network that allows any business or person to send, request and accept money. We're not like those other big payment companies that rely on plastic cards and charge hefty fees. Instead, we’ve built our own network that securely connects to your bank account and allows you to move money for just $0.25 per transaction, or free for transactions $10 or less. Open a Dwolla Account & get a $10 Credit

How Secure is this website?

CHAP's webiste uses a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) connection throughout your login & registration process. SSL is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. SSL is an industry standard and is used by millions of websites in the protection of their online transactions with their customers. (Source: &

What is HTTPS?

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is a secure version of the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (http). HTTPS allows secure e-commerce transactions, such as online banking & shopping. Web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox display a padlock icon to indicate that the website is secure, as it also displays https:// in the address bar. When a user connects to a website via HTTPS, the website encrypts the session with a digital certificate. A user can tell if they are connected to a secure website if the website URL begins with https:// instead of http:// (source: